Hi there 🖖🏻

My name is Dušan Simić.

I’m a Computer Science student at the University of Novi Sad, Serbia. I’m interested in servers, full stack development, DevOps, web technologies and federated networks.

You can also talk to me about anything tech related 😁.

Make internet great again ✊🏻

Internet is a very different palce than it used to be. I grew up with the internet in the 2000s so I’m a little late to the party but even since then, a lot of things have changes. I personally don’t like how internet looks now and I try to show people how it can be made better. I’m inspired by very cool people like Kev Quirk and Ru Singh to do my best in making internet a better, safer and more fun place for everyone.

I’ll try to post frequently about new things I learn and I like on my 📰 blog.

Be kind to each other ❤

There’s nothing more to it 🤷🏻‍♂️.

Tools i use

  • OS - Various flavours of Linux but mostly Arch and RHEL based distros
  • Browser - Firefox
  • Email - Geary, Thunderbird
  • Terminal/shell - Gnome Terminal with fish and oh-my-fish
  • Editor - VSCode, NVim
  • Technologies
    • Golang
    • JavaScript
    • TypeScript
    • React
    • Shell
    • Python
    • TailwindCSS