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Why I love RSS feeds

I hate it when I have to use buggy apps that track your every tap or hard to use API just to read my notifications. It’s mind boggling that after all these years that internet exists, we still have to hack around restrictions and walls that have been put up by giant corporations to entrap you in their playground. I’m not a freedom fanatic or anything like uncle Stallman but I prefer to use apps that I pick to access media. Read more...

Messing Around With Golang

I’ve mostly written backend stuff in high school with some frontend and on rare ocasions a bit of embedded code (Arduino and whatnot). I fell in love with internet, web services and the way goes around the world relying on “the cloud ☁”. I started my journey working with a bit of Node.js. I remember it from the days since before 1.0 😱 but I’ve used it mostly in later versions. Read more...

Fix Color Emojis in Chrome on Linux

linux ui config
This issue has been bothering me for quite some time now. The color emojis never work out of the box on any DE. At least when it comes to Chrome. Most distros now include Googles Noto Color Emoji font by default and it works on all native applications. Seems like Chrome doesn’t pick it up for some reason. I’ll go over a solution that fixed this situation for me and it might be the same for you. Read more...
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