Dušan Simić

Fish shell abbreviations

I’ve been using Fish shell for quite a few years and I’ve been pretty happy with what communty themes and configs had to offer. From time to time I added a short line to the config.fish file but only lately have I gotten into configuring the shell a bit more.

Most of the configs are just some of my preferences but the Fish command I enjoyed the most is abbr (creating abbreviations for commands). For some of you a bulb might have lit up and you’ve said, “That’s kind of like alias.”, and you’re right but not completely.

abbr does create an alias for a command but instead of just being an alias, it expands the alias to it’s full command. For detailed docs, open a Fish session and type abbr --help or man abbr.

A simple cheatsheet is here for those that are lazy. -a option adds a new command and -g option means it’s added globally.

$ abbr -ag gc 'git commit'
$ abbr -ag gp 'git push'

In order to persist these settings, add them to your config.fish